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We urge you to help make family engagement a priority in education reform. Everyone — parents, schools, and communities —have a responsibility to help kids succeed in school and life! – The Leadership Team
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We are home to ParentNet, a face-to-face family engagement program for parents of children in grades Pre-K to 12. Get quick facts about the program at ParentNet® At-a-Glance.

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We are advocates for building collaborative family-school-community partnerships that advance student learning and achievement.

News Flash!

Longtime sponsor of this website, the Washington State-based National ParentNet Association will soon change its name to the Washington State Family and Community Engagement Trust. Our nonprofit organization will continue to be dedicated to raising the visibility and importance of family and community engagement as an integral and legitmate component of education, and the success of all students, cradle to career.

Our work will be focused on five interconnected areas: 1) Capacity building, 2) Leadership Development, 3) Collective Impact, 4) Policy Advocacy, and 5) Information access.

Our website will continue to be the home of ParentNet, a parent-led program in schools that engages parents in face-to-face conversations about raising healthy, successful kids in grades Pre-K to 12.

Stay tuned for information about our new website and expanded blog. Subscribe to ParentNet Unplugged (left column) to keep informed of our continuing journey to help serve parents, schools, communities, and children. 

ParentNet Unplugged
ParentNet® Unplugged is our BLOG aimed at engaging parents, educators, and community leaders' in frank conversations about theory and best practices in the following areas: 1) Parent Engagement at Home, 2) School-Family Partnerships, 3) Engaging Diverse Families, 4) Technology and Partnership, 5) Out-of-School-Time, 6) Impact of Education Policy.  Learn more.

Our Most Recent Articles:

Family Engagement is Not Dead!
By Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD on April 14, 2014

According to the latest research published in the New York Times and The Atlantic, we can throw away the wisdom of the past several decades and relax. Our kids will do fine if parents “set the stage and then leave it” to schools! But contrary to what you may have read, family engagement remains a vital and important goal of education!

How Communities Positively Impact Children
By Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD on March 24, 2014

Research shows that communities make a positive difference for children when they connect around common values, form meaningful relationships with each other, and provide resources that help kids flourish in life. Learn how two very different communities are working to make a difference.

Celebrating Children's Multicultural Heritages
By Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu on March 17, 2014

On the first day of school Mrs. Sullivan, my new teacher, called out my name, “Stephen Murphy” and I raised my hand like she had told us to. She stared at me with a quizzical expression and said sarcastically, “You don’t look like a ‘Stephen Murphy.’” The other children giggled and I was embarrassed and confused. I recall this incident, and others like it, every year when I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

When Children Feel Different
By Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu on March 6, 2014

Did you ever feel like you’re the only one who’s different? Then it’s easy to imagine that most kids also feel like that sometimes. And some children feel like that a lot because other kids notice the difference and point it out, often in ways that are hurtful. It makes children feel alienated and they can become lost in an illusion of separateness from others. So I’m always searching for ways to overcome this awful sense of estrangement from life.

Teaching Kids How to Give Back During the Holiday Season
By Meryl Ain, Ed.D on December 12, 2013

Do you think the holiday season is more than shopping for the trendiest gifts for your children? Here are some tips for teaching kids how to count their blessings, while giving to their peers who are most in need.

Conquer the Tyranny of Normal: How Children Can Suceed
By Josette Luvmour, PhD on December 9, 2013

Children are more than the sum of their capacities. In this post we will discuss a chief cultural mistake that holds children back. It is through connection to the whole-child that each person’s greatness is allowed to emerge. In relationship to one another’s greatness, we all thrive. This post is an excerpt from a recent talk that Ba and I delivered recently at Summa Institute. We will speak to your group or school.


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