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Parent Engagement Work Yields Hundreds of Parent Graduates

By Ryan M. Tracy

Parents in Memphis

One year ago, when we started talking parent engagement in Memphis, TN with key stakeholders, like principals, teachers, and parents, excitement arose.  But when we said we were going to graduate hundreds and thousands of parents from a 10-week parent engagement program in Memphis, blank stares were looking back at us.  We recognize that attracting, retaining, and graduating hundreds of parents is no easy task; however, we also realize that it can and must be done.  What’s the secret?  Offer something parents need and don’t be afraid to put in the hard work.  I heard a superintendent say in a meeting, “Education reform is not rocket science, it’s just plain hard work and dedication.”  And to me, if you couple hard work with a research-based curriculum that is evaluated and tied to student achievement, you are going to have a successful program.dad speaking

We are proud to announce that in Memphis, TN, over 200 parents made the commitment to attend Stand UP and over 150 parents graduated from our fall 2012 Stand UP (University for Parents) 10-week curriculum based program.  And across the country in Phoenix and Chicago, over 275 more parents have graduated from this National project called Stand UP.  For more information, see the website at Stand for Children. 

Parents were excited about the program curriculum and completion as they discussed and learned topics such as:

  • How to build self-esteem in their child
  • How to read their child’s test data
  • Effective ways to communicate with their teachers
  • Effective ways to communicate with their children that leads to student achievement and progress

Dad and Child

In Memphis, we had so many wonderful comments from parents, some of which included: “I started the program thinking I really don’t need this information, but I will try it anyway. I was so very wrong. I have learned an abundant amount of concrete information that has started me on a wonderful journey helping my children to become the best students and person that they can dream imaginable. This program has stimulated my intellect and aroused my awareness of school issues.”  Demetria-Memphis

“I felt the Stand-Up class was an excellent resource for parents who are looking to more effectively impact their children's performance. I particularly like the emphasis that was placed on the parent being the first teacher and the importance of having structure in the home environment. In addition, I learned a great deal about how to interpret my daughter's progress reports and the relevance of standardized tests on a national scale.” Jerome-Memphis

We want to say congratulations to the parent graduates in Memphis, Phoenix, and Chicago who made the commitment for graduation and completion of this 10-week parent engagement program.  In the spring of 2013, Stand UP plans to expand and graduate over 250 parents in Memphis and over 600 parents in all three sites.  Congratulations Stand UP Graduates!

Posted on November 17, 2012 by Ryan M. Tracy

Ryan is the Tennessee Family Engagement Manager for Stand for Children, a grassroots national advocacy organization. He designs and implements family engagement programs and is currently a leader in the organization's 10-week Stand UP (University for Parents) which focuses on curriculum of the home and school. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

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