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We urge you to help make family engagement a priority in education reform. Everyone — parents, schools, and communities —have a responsibility to help kids succeed in school and life! – The Leadership Team
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ParentNet Unplugged

Welcome to ParentNet® Unplugged, where we invite frank conversations about family engagement in education. Browse, share, and participate in the dialogue! Together, we can build effective family-school-community partnerships that advance children's social, emotional, and intellectual learning and development.

Latest Articles:

To Parents & Educators: From an Attorney with LD/ADHD
By Sarah Price-Mitchell, J.D. on March 27, 2012
An attorney talks to parents and educators, not about legal advocacy for kids with LD/ADHD, but about the positive messages that encourage them to fulfill their dreams.   Read more...
Do You Trust Your Child? Emotional Development in Middle Childhood
By Josette Luvmour, PhD on March 24, 2012
Of all the gifts we can give our children, trusting relationships may well be one of the most important. Middle childhood is a prime time for developing this kind of relationship with a parent or other caregiver, and the way to do is this is remarkably simple. Dr. Josette Luvmour shows why this is true and how you can go about establishing relationships of loving trust with your child—an important foundation for future relationships.   Read more...
Bringing PRIDE to Parent Engagement
By Connie K. Grier, M.Ed. on March 15, 2012
Parental Engagement is not for the feint of heart. It is tough, often messy and not always popular. If this were your day job, you'd use up all of your vacation days, but alas...   Read more...
Is Publicly Humiliating Children A Way to Teach Respect?
By Meryl Ain, Ed.D. on March 13, 2012
In the last month, two parents have publicly humiliated their children to teach them lessons. After Tommy Jordan shot at his daughter's laptop and berated her for complaining about him on Facebook, he posted his tirade on YouTube. After her son stole a laptop from a student at school, Talesha Roberson forced her child to sit in their driveway with a sign that read: "I am a thief; I like to steal." Is this good parenting, and does it help schools teach respect?   Read more...
Parents: Are you a Visionary Thinker?
By Dr. Joni Samples on March 10, 2012
Parents with visionary thinking support their children in creating and reaching their dreams by supporting learning. See how parents from the Home Gardens Elementary School created vision for their children. Give yourself ideas about how you can help create and support your child’s dreams.   Read more...
Help! When Should my Child Start Kindergarten?
By Paula J. Hillmann, PhD, LPC on March 8, 2012
I just finished watching the March 4, 2012 60 Minutes segment on “red-shirting” and knew immediately this was the topic for my next ParentNet Unplugged blog. OH MY! (as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz). If you are a parent struggling with decisions related to when to enroll your child in kindergarten, this blog is for you! What IS the yellow brick road?    Read more...
4 Ways Divorced Parents Foster Children's School Success
By Scott Morgan, J.D. [Guest Article] on March 6, 2012
Divorce affects a child's life, no matter what their age. School performance is one area that can be significantly impacted by divorce. Parents can foster positive outcomes in four big ways!   Read more...
The Power of Asking - Instead of Telling
By Jody McVittie, MD on March 3, 2012
Why don’t kids do what we tell them to do? Radical thought: maybe because we are telling them. When you tell someone what to do they don’t have to think. They can listen or not listen – but then it goes away. Is that what we really want? For us or for them?   Read more...
My Tiger Mom�s Subtle Ways
By Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Ed.D. on February 28, 2012
I never thought of mine as a Tiger Mom. She was nothing like Amy Chua in her captivating book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Mine was an easy-going Japanese mother who simply encouraged us to do our best in school by having high expectations and setting a good example as a hard-working parent. I used this comforting image to justify my own laid back approach to parenting and the belief that motivation to learn had to come from within the child.   Read more...
Development Occurs in Relationship
By Josette Luvmour, PhD on February 25, 2012
A child’s relationship with educators and parents is central to the child’s perception of self and the world. Children learn in informal interactions with educators and in the family environment during everyday activities. To make those interactions as effective as possible, it is important to understand how the child sees the world and to nurture that child’s developmental needs. We can co-create educational environments with supportive relationships that match the child’s developmental capacities. Well-being flourishes in both child and adult.   Read more...
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