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We urge you to help make family engagement a priority in education reform. Everyone — parents, schools, and communities —have a responsibility to help kids succeed in school and life! – The Leadership Team
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We are home to ParentNet, a face-to-face family engagement program for parents of children in grades Pre-K to 12. Get quick facts about the program at ParentNet� At-a-Glance.

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Essential Reads

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» A Culture that Engages Every Family, Steven M. Constantino, Ed.D.

» How to Revitalize Your School-Parent Compact, Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D.

» How Do You Know if You're Really Open to Partnership, Anne Henderson & Karen Mapp

»PTA--Gateway to Engagement, Advocacy, and Access, Meryl Ain, Ed.D.

» The Power of Asking-Instead of Telling, Jody McVittie, M.D.

» Empathy in Action, Rick Ackerly, Ed.M.

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We have the only bookstore on the web that highlights the field of family engagement! Check out our current Editor’s Picks and browse books on 1) Engaging Parents, 2) Building Partnerships, and 3) Leading Culture Change in Schools. Order from our site to support our mission!

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ParentNet Unplugged

Welcome to ParentNet® Unplugged, where we invite frank conversations about family engagement in education. Browse, share, and participate in the dialogue! Together, we can build effective family-school-community partnerships that advance children's social, emotional, and intellectual learning and development.

Latest Articles:

Volunteer Deja Vu All Over Again
By Steven M. Constantino, Ed.D. on September 27, 2013

Getting volunteers in schools can be a daunting task. Many schools and parent organzations struggle to get the volunteer support they need. While everyone agrees that getting volunteers isn't easy, here are some tips to get your organization started down the right road.

This Week's #PTChat: Parents' Guide to the Common Core
By Joe Mazza on December 4, 2012

The background, history and premise of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is important, but for our families, we need to break down exactly what these new standards look like for each grade level and how parents can support them in the home. The National PTA has recently published a Parents Guide to Student Success in PDF format in multiple languages.

Engagement is in the Eye of the Beholder
By Myrdin Thompson on October 13, 2012

Far too often families find that how they wish to be engaged in education isn't the role they are assigned. While some resign themselves to those roles, the truth is that whether they fund raise or advocate, families should be treated as respected partners in education.

This Week's #PTChat: Tips for Parents with Dr. Michele Borba
By Joe Mazza on September 3, 2012

She's back! Dr. Michele Borba returns to #ptchat this Wednesday night at 9pm EDT/6PST to give advice on how parents can help kids get off to a great start this school year!

Do You Know What�s Going on in Your Children�s Schools?
By Meryl Ain, Ed.D. on July 19, 2012

The new school year is on the horizon and it's a perfect time to ramp up your involvement in your children's schools. Remember that an informed parent is a child's best advocate. Here's a pop quiz to test how much you know about your children's schools and your school district.

This Week's #PTChat - Engaging More Dads in Schools
By Joe Mazza on May 20, 2012
Join us on Wednesday, May 23rd at 9PM EDT as parents and educators share their best ideas on how to best engage Dads in schools. Before you finalize your calendars, make sure you’ve purposefully differentiated for all members of your children’s families. Together, we’ll specifically plan to engage more Dads in 2012-2013.    Read more...
PTA -- Gateway to Engagement, Advocacy, and Access
By Meryl Ain, Ed.D. on May 19, 2012
Have you shied away from joining PTA because you associate it with the cupcakes your mother made for bake sales? Well, think again. PTA is a lot more than fundraising. Joining PTA will give you many opportunities to become engaged in your children's schools, get acquainted with school staff and other parents, and hone your own talents and skills. Resolve to become an active member in the next school year!   Read more...
Parent Power: Be Engaged in Your School District's Budget Process
By Meryl Ain, Ed.D. on April 10, 2012
Have you heard that your school district is closing schools, raising class size, or eliminating arts education? Has anyone asked you to attend a budget meeting or write a letter to the local media about looming budget cuts? As a concerned and engaged parent, it's time you got involved. Parents have power in determining how their school districts spend money. Speak up to preserve programs and services that are important to your children!   Read more...
Parent Engagement: Do you have a policy on that?
By Myrdin Thompson on March 31, 2012

Many states have adopted policies that describe effective family engagement and how to measure its success.  But far too often, schools and district's fail to follow through on policies. The result? Parents are left to define engagement on their own. By working together we can create solid partnerships and greater student success.

ParentNet as a Community of Practice
By Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D. on May 1, 2010
Communities of practice and social learning theory as described by Etienne Wenger has profound impact on understanding how parents, schools, and communities learn from one another to generate knowledge that benefits children's growth and development. After years of trying to define ParentNet and its impact on school communities, it is now clear that it is what Wenger calls a "community of practice," a natural and essential part of how we learn as parents.   Read more...
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