At the November 6, 2004 ParentNet Training in Bainbridge Island, WA, U.S. Congressman Jay Inslee addressed a group of parents and school administrators, speaking about the importance of parent involvement. Congressman Inslee, a member of ParentNet's National Advisory Board, is a strong supporter of education.

You are invited to listen to Congressman Inslee's remarks, including his thoughts on the "No Child Left Behind" Act. (Listen to MP3)

The following is an abbreviated transcript of his remarks:

"It’s really exciting to be a minor participate in ParentNet. I have to tell you that this is a culmination of an idea that I never acted on for the past twenty years. Because it is very, very clear that there are three legs of an educational stool – one is the student, one is the school, and the third leg has largely been ignored in American educational institutions for the last hundred years – and that’s parents and their participation in this. And it’s real clear what works with kids and getting them to learn – it’s having parental involvement.

And I know that because if you look at the statistics, if you do an analysis of predicting success of children in an academic environment, the one single predictor is the involvement of parents. You can look at any socio-economic situation …if you take the lowest socioeconomic sociologist’s statistics of economics, where you live, and everything else and you compare it to the highest, you’ll find that the predictor of success is parent involvement in the kids.

It’s just very, very clear that this is the most fundamental element that we need for success in addition to teacher pay and smaller class sizes, which I’m also working on! … So, the first part of this issue is that parent involvement works and is fundamental. The second is how to achieve it? To facilitate it is the obvious answer. And I think that this organization [ParentNet] has been very effective in doing that, in coming up with some great ideas to help out. And I’d like to help out in any way I can."


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