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Please read the following articles or watch a TV/Audio segment about ParentNet.

"Parent Involvement Matters," by Matthew K. Tabor, published in Education News/Issues, November 13, 2007  READ ARTICLE

"New Web Site Aims to Increase Meaningful Parent Involvement in Schools," PRWeb Presss Release, August 30, 2007.  READ ARTICLE

"ParentNet Helps Parents Tackle Issues Through Strength in Numbers," by Stephanie Dunnewind, The Seattle Times, Seattle, WA, March 18, 2006. READ ARTICLE

"Creating the Right Environment for Homework: Getting School Ready," by Linda Morgan, ParentMap Magazine, November 5, 2005. ParentNet co-founder Marilyn Price-Mitchell is interviewed about the homework strategies and enviroment that help kids succeed. READ ARTICLE

"ParentNet Makes its Program Materials Free to Schools -- Parent Involvement Program Helps Parents Know More, Worry Less," News Release by PRWeb/Newswire, October 28, 2005. READ ARTICLE

"Three Legs of the Educational Stool," remarks by U.S. Congressman Jay Inslee during ParentNet kick-off in Bainbridge Island, WA., Nov. 6, 2004. READ FURTHER...

"Keeping Our Teenagers Safe and Healthy," A community forum published by the Bainbridge Island Review, October 20, 2004. READ ARTICLE...

ParentNet: A Special Assignment In-Depth Report, by Bay News 9, Tampa, Florida, October 18, 2004. WATCH VIDEO

Click the image above to view Tampa ParentNet Trainer leading workshop for parent facilitators. (Bay News 9 In-Depth Report, Tampa, FL)

KidsCount: Seattle Live, KONG TV, Seattle, WA, October 7, 2004. A special news segment on ParentNet. (Sorry, no live video available.)

King 5 News anchor Alan Schauffler (right) interviews ParentNet founder Marilyn Price-Mitchell and Tim Johnstone, ParentNet facilitator, on "Seattle Live," October 7, 2004.

"Hanging a Safety Net for Parents," by Dee Axelrod, Staff Writer, Bainbridge Island Review, Bainbridge Island, WA, September 29, 2004. READ ARTICLE...

"ParentNet Fosters Idea Sharing," by Ann Strosnider, Staff Writer, Bremerton Sun Newspaper, Bremerton, WA, September 26, 2004. READ ARTICLE...

"Building Parent-School Communities: Northwest Parents Take the Lead," Northwest Family Magazine, Seattle, WA, August 2002. READ ARTICLE...

"The research on parent involvement in schools is really very clear. When parents and schools collaborate and cooperate regarding the education of their kids, kids improve! They do better in school, they do better in life.As a faculty liaison, I see ParentNet as a terrific place for parents to go to get answers to questions they may have about their child, their child's education, and the social atmosphere tha t their child is in at school."

Steve Meredith
ParentNet Faculty Liaison
The Overlake School
Redmond, WA

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