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A qualified trainer is vital to the success of ParentNet. The trainer(s) leads ParentNet Facilitator Training, a 3-5 hour annual workshop that provides experiential practice for parent facilitators. The same person may also lead a meeting for facilitators at mid-year, providing another opportunity for facilitators to practice newly acquired skills.

Trainer Qualifications

When we refer to a "qualified" trainer, no one particular profession takes ownership of the title. Excellent trainers are found throughout the business world as well as in the fields of counseling, psychology, and education. Individuals in many professions earn credentials and gain experience to become trainers. The most important qualifications for a ParentNet Trainer are:

  • Ability to lead experiential training activities, such as role play, team-building, and other structured exercises whose goal is skill-development.
  • Knowledge and understanding of group process and facilitation skills as well as excellent up-front training skills.
  • Familiarity with the content and process of ParentNet as gleaned from our publications or as experienced from attending ParentNet Meetings.

Depending upon education, skills and experiences, many types of people qualify as a “professional trainer.” The fields of Human Resources and Organization Development produce trainers who regularly lead team-building, management training, and skill-development workshops. They also facilitate conflict resolution, help negotiate roles and relationships, and lead strategic planning sessions. These trainers often belong to professional organizations like the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) or the Organization Development Network (ODN) and work in all types of businesses, including non-profit and education. Licensed counselors and psychologists who lead communication and other types of personal growth groups are also experienced trainers. They have a good understanding of group process and facilitation skills because it is an important part of their profession. They often belong to organizations such as the American Psychological Association (APA), National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), American Counseling Association (ACA) or National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Beyond any one particular profession, many individuals have received training to lead the kind of experiential activities used by ParentNet. Trainers who are certified to lead Active Parenting™, Love and Logic, or Positive Discipline courses as well as many other fine parenting programs may have the right set of skills to lead ParentNet Facilitator Training. Members of the clergy, mediators, and others in the helping professions will often have developed the skills associated with the definition of “professional trainer.”

If You Are a School

Schools looking for qualified trainers to lead ParentNet training should view our Consultant Directory as well as talk with people in their community about potential candidates to assist with their training program.

If You Are a Trainer

If you are a trainer with a combination of the skills and experience described above and are interested in working with schools to lead ParentNet training, we suggest you download the 15-page preview of our publication, "ParentNet At Your School: A Guide for Parent Leaders, Educators, and Trainers." You will eventually want to purchase the Starter Kit or other items from our online store to supplement your training efforts. We offer a variety of materials, including flip charts, Powerpoint presentations, training videos, and more.

If you are already a paid professional trainer, you most likely offer a variety of services to your clients. You may lead parenting workshops, offer counseling services, work with school principals and faculty, teach communication skills, or facilitate team building sessions. You may or may not currently work in the field of education. We have designed ParentNet to make it easy for a variety of training professionals to incorporate ParentNet into an existing consulting practice. And we have made it flexible enough for you to use your creativity and experiences to work with groups in ways that meet the needs of those groups. If you do work with schools in the field of parent education and/or parent involvement, we invite you to list your services on our website.

Unlike many programs, we do not get involved in what you charge to clients or ask that you pay us a fee to use our name and materials. The reason we are doing this work is because we have a deep passion to help parents and schools build the kinds of communities that help children thrive. We hope you share that passion! As a non-profit organization, we are devoted to seeing ParentNet in as many schools as possible -- because we know that collaborative communication benefits parents, schools and children.

Before you use our materials, we suggest you read our Use Policy.


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Parents go to ParentNet meetings and learn that other parents have the same issues they are having. I think that in some very important ways, parents who are together in that way find empowerment. I think it makes them stronger parents, and more secure about what they really want to do with their children.

Ellen Zarter, Teacher
The Overlake School
Redmond, WA


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