Leading ParentNet® Meetings

Parent Contract
The "Parent Contract" is always distributed and reviewed at the beginning of each ParentNet Meeting.

Parent Contract - You can print copies from this downloadable file for use in your meetings.


Many leaders like to use a special ready to open or close a ParentNet Meeting or Training session. These are some that have been used:

Geese in Formation
Reading to begin or end a ParentNet Meeting, forum, or training. Message: When we "fly" together, our power as a community is increased.

The Extra Ribbon
Reading to begin or end a ParentNet meeting, forum, or training. Message: It is "who I am that makes a difference" -- giving our kids this message is a very powerful one.

The Starfish
Reading to begin or end a ParentNet meeting, forum, or training. Message: It is important to "make a difference" for each child, one at a time.

Keeping ParentNet Fresh and Interesting!
Once you have trained parent volunteers in place, the possibilities for adapting ParentNet are endless. As your parent community evolves, ParentNet should also evolve.

One of the factors in ParentNet's success is that it allows parents to choose the specific topics they discuss. However, this does not mean that meetings cannot be "focused" toward broad parenting interests. As a matter of fact, this often peaks people's attention and increases attendance. For the first year that ParentNet is in place and for the first meeting of each school year, we suggest you use the basic design outlined in the Volunteer Handbook. But after that, consider other designs like the ones listed below.

Examples of Focused Meetings

The following are the types of focused meetings that have been held using the ParentNet model. Several have more detailed designs attached.

  • Transition-focused: As students advance from elementary to middle to high school to college, the transition years present certain challenges to parents and children. This design involves inviting a group of parents from the next grade level as "mentors" to parents in attendance. Download Detailed Design.
  • Culturally-focused: Schools with multi-cultural parent groups can structure ParentNet to meet the needs of those parents by holding "Hispanic ParentNet," "Vietnamese ParentNet," etc. Multiple grade-levels can be combined in one meeting, with small groups dividing by grade level or topic, whichever is appropriate.
  • Situation-focused: Parents who share common circumstances such as being single, divorced, raising kids with learning disabilities, etc. may benefit from meetings geared toward their special challenges.
  • Event-focused: Unforeseen events, such as a death of a student, a natural disaster, or another tragedy increases the need for parents to talk with and support one another. With ParentNet in place, event-focused meetings can be held when necessary to meet the needs of the school community.
  • Guest-focused: School and co mmunity members with expertise on child rearing and education are often welcome "participants" in ParentNet meetings. Consider inviting school administrators, school psychologists, licensed counselors, police officers, health professionals, etc. depending upon the focus of your meeting. Download Detailed Design.

Hold a ParentNet Forum

A ParentNet Forum is an opportunity to bring a number of grades together, to provide parent education, and use your ParentNet facilitators to lead discussion groups. Learn More.

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