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What Is ParentNet?

This short video tells how parents, educators, and students view ParentNet and its benefits to their school community. (High-Speed Recommended)

ParentNet is a highly acclaimed, parent-led program for parents of children in grades Pre-K through 12.

You can learn about ParentNet by clicking on the menus in this section and watching the video "What Is ParentNet." After working with more than forty schools over a period of twelve years, we are happy to offer a comprehensive ParentNet Starter Kit for schools who wish to consider ParentNet and evaluate its usefulness in their communities. This is an essential reference guide for parent leaders, school administrators, and faculty liaisons.



Order the ParentNet Starter Kit today for full access to the entire ParentNet program. The easy-to-follow binder is available through our Online Store. It contains program introductory and planning materials, a ParentNet Volunteer Handbook, the complete Training Manual, and a DVD used in training and education. Supporting materials are available free online and other resources like flipcharts, brochures, and additional Volunteer Handbooks can be purchased from our online store.

You supply the local energy, enthusiam, and leaders necessary to make the program successful. You may use any or all of our materials or adapt ParentNet to suit the needs of your individual school or school district. Our only requirement is that ParentNet remain free to all who use it and that any program adapted from ParentNet is provided free as a resource to other schools. See our Use Policy for further details on adapting our materials.

ParentNet was developed to support the research that shows parental involvement of this type improves academic achievement and produces happier, safer children who are less likely to use drugs and alcohol or engage in risky behaviors. ParentNet is an example of how Etienne Wenger's social learning theory and "communities of practice" can work effectively in schools.

Leaders in education, psychology, and the National PTA agree that meaningful parent involvement leads to the development of children who are socially, emotionally, physically, and academically successful. And it is the best way to create meaningful education reform!


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"Parents working together can multiply significantly the benefits to their children and their schools. Founded by parents, ParentNet provides parents with the opportunity to learn from each other and work together to build mutually supportive relationships in their own school communities."

Len Goodstein, Former CEO
American Psychological Association
Washington D.C.

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