Publicizing ParentNet® at your School

The following materials are designed to help you create flyers, newsletter articles, and other materials to publicize ParentNet in your school.

ParentNet Logos

Color ParentNet Logo
Download the ParentNet Logo to use in your publicity materials.

Black and White ParentNet Logo
Download out logo in black and white.

ParentNet DVD

ParentNet DVD Guide - Supplemental information for using the ParentNet DVD to market the program at your school. Order the DVD from the online store.

ParentNet Sandwich Boards

ParentNet Sandwich Boards - are used to advertise ParentNet on the day of your meeting. They are located where parents drop-off or pick-up their children. It is most cost effective to have them made by a local sign-maker. See document for instructions.

Newsletter Articles

Article - Redefining Parent Involvement
This article can be reprinted for your school newsletter. Written by ParentNet founder Marilyn Price-Mitchell, it helps educate parents about the importance of parent involvement.

The following articles, written by member schools are shared here for use by all schools. We appreciate your sharing original articles for other schools to use or modify.

Article #1 - Used at the beginning of the school year, this article invited parents to first meetings, discussed facilitator training, and told parents to expect brochure in the mail.

Article #2 - Used at mid-year, this article told how ParentNet shapes school culture and invites parents to read summaries of Fall meeting.

Article #3 - Used at mid-year, this article thanked volunteers and parents for attending first meetings, gave examples of topics discussed, reminded about summaries, talked about mid-year facilitator review, and encouraged parents to attend Spring meetings.

Article #4 - Used at mid-year, this article was written to help dispel myths about ParentNet that developed at one middle/high school.

Article #5 - This compelling letter from a father of a teen son was printed in a school newsletter as a personal invitation for other fathers to attend ParentNet meetings. Permission was granted to share it with other ParentNet schools.

Article #6 - Used at the end of the year, this article thanked volunteers and provided a summary of the year's program.

ParentNet Store

Please browse the ParentNet Online Store for other materials to support your program, including brochures, Volunteer Handbooks, Training Manual, flip charts, DVD, and other resources.

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