August 2009 - Back-to-School Issue

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The Economy's Impact on Parent Involvement

A new poll of K-12 parents shows that the recession may have a silver lining for schools. 64% of parents believe that, because of the recession, it is more important to volunteer at school. It is estimated that schools will see a 20% increrase in parent involvement over the previous year. To read the report, check out

Legislating Out-of-School Learning: Making the Case for After-School, Summer Learning, and Family Involvement as Critical Learning Supports

The Harvard Family Resarch Project has made an impressive case for complementary learning -- learning that takes place out of school. Their framework of complementary learning links school and out-of-school support so they complement and reinforce a child's development and education. Commissioned by the Center on Education Policy in Washington D.C., we encouage you to read The Federal Role in Out-of-School Learning, a paper accessed from the Harvard Family Resarch Project that reviews the resarch on out-of-school learning and its implication for federal education policy.

Civically Engaged Youth Sought for Study

Youth civic engagement is an out-of-school activity linked to positive youth development. National ParentNet Association Founder, Marilyn Price-Mitchell, is seeking nominations  of 18-21 year olds for her doctoral dissertation study, Images of Initiative: How Purposeful Youth Experience and Meet the Challenges of Civic Engagement. This study explores how highly-engaged youth experience and meet the challenges of civic engagement during the formative adolescent and young adult years. Its purpose is to understand how these young people learn from others, construct meaning, and act to confront challenges in ways that foster continued engagement. The results may lead to a better understanding of specific program attributes and adult support that foster sustained civic engagement in a higher percentage of young people. If you know of a young adult who is highly committed to social and/or environmental efforts, please learn more about this study and nominate him/her through an easy online process. Learn More

The Effects of Community Organizing on Educational Outcomes and Parent Involvement

An important report published by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University addresses a critical question: Does the political will generated by community organizing in low-income, urban communities ultimately enhance the capacity of schools to improve student learning? This research on school reform, conducted over a six-year period, examined the work of seven community organizations across the country. The study found evidence that community organizing is contributing to higher student educational outcomes, including improved attendance, test scores, and high school completion rates. It is also developing stronger capacity among parents and stimulating important changes in educational policy. Read "Organized Communities, Stronger Schools."



Rhonda Jones

Turning Parents Into Volunteers: The Teacher's Guide to Developing a Classroom Volunteer Program

by Rhonda Jones

Eleven-year veteran elementary school teacher, Jones has produced a comprehensive guide for recruiting, training, and maintaining parent volunteers. Includes step-by-step instructions, tips, ideas, forms, and much more. You can read more about the contents of this book and order directly from


Watch The Principal Story on PBS, September 15th at 10PM. This award-winning film series takes a look at the challenges facing America's public schools.
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Back-to-school time is busy and exciting. It is also a time when parents are open to new involvement opportunities! Increase parent leadership this year by starting ParentNet, a highly-acclaimed parent-led effort to build a more supportive school community. Learn More


A new edition (2009) of Joyce Epstein's book, School, family, and community partnerships: Your handbook for action, is now available. The new edition includes a CD-Rom with forms and a PowerPoint presentation for a 1-day training workshop as well as new research reviews, how to evaluate programs, and leadership roles at district and state levels. Order Now




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