January 2011

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"Beyond Random Acts: Family, School, and Community Engagement as an Integral Part of Education Reform

A new brief from the Harvard Family Research Project takes on a number of important issues for education reform. It chides reformers for overlooking or minimizing the impact of family engagement despite a high volume of research that correlates involvement with student success. It dismisses the notion that a lack of involvement is entirely the fault of parents or circumstances such as poverty and instead views it as a responsibility that schools must co-own. The brief calls for "disrupting the current state of practice" of family engagement, seeing it as a systemic, integrated, and sustained effort that is purposely designed as a core component of educational goals. This is a must-read report for educators, administrators, and parent leaders. Read the full report.

Connecting Schools and Families: A Conversation with Karen Mapp

Dr.Karen Mapp is the Director of the Education Policy and Management Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and co-author with Anne Henderson of the book, "Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family-School Partnerships." At a recent forum for school principals, she gave a presentation to school leaders on strategies to improve family involvement. You can view excerpts from this presentation and also read how she answered four questions: 1) What are some of the major challenges urban schools face in increasing family involvement? 2) How can schools best support students who do not come from nurturing home environments? 3) What are some of the first steps schools can take to strengthen and maintain partnerships? 4) How can schools work with parents and communities to extend learning beyond the traditional school day? Watch a video of Dr. Mapp's presentation and read her answers to these four questions.

Building Local Leadership for Change: A National Scan of Parent Leadership Training Programs

A recent report by Anne Henderson, senior consultant for community organizing and engagement work at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, describes four successful parent leadership programs around the country, each with a different focus: leadership training, immigrant families, child learning support, and understanding and navigating the educational system. She examines their structures, curricula, best practices, and effectiveness. Read the full report, executive summary, or program profiles to glean ideas for your own local programs.





Bedtime Stories and Book Reports: Connecting Parent Involvement and Parent Literacy, Catherine Compton-Lilly and Stuart Greene, Editors

This newly published book brings together the newest research on parent involvement and family literacy -- two strands of research that rarely exist in conversation with one another. Using stories told by parents, it highlights the significance of race, class, gender, religion, sexual preference, and history in literacy learning and schooling. Support our nonprofit mission by purchasing through our online bookstore.


Developing the Fully-Engaged Parent: A Model for Understanding Parent Involvement in Education by ParentNet Co-Founders, Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D. and Susan Grijalva.


Edspresso.com is a place to satisfy your addiction to breaking news, commentary and debate on education reform. It is written by The Center for Education Reform (CER), an organization that advocates for children by informing parents, policymakers, and the media.





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