March 2010

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37th Annual Head Start Conference Highlights Family Engagement: May 3-8, Dallas, Texas

This year, the Head Start Conference will host its 1st Annual Parent Breakfast on Thursday, May 6, featuring a keynote address by ParentNet Co-founder and President Marilyn Price-Mitchell. With a theme, "Our Children, Their Future, Our Chance," the breakfast will be an opportunity for parents and those who work with or on behalf of parents to engage in dialog about helping Head Start children be successful in Head Start and beyond. Marilyn will combine her experiences as a parent, her role in developing ParentNet, and her recent doctoral research in positive youth development to highlight the importance of parent engagement.

The closing session of the conference will feature a keynote by Joni Samples, Ph.D., author of this month's featured book, "The Parent Connection: An Educator's Guide to Family Engagement." Kevin Walker, Founder and President of Project Appleseed will also address the closing session on Saturday, May 8th. Register and learn more about other sessions at the upcoming Head Start Conference.

Teaching Teachers to Work Effectively with Families

Dr. Samples' featured book highlights the importance of helping educators learn how to better engage with families. Leading expert on family-school partnerships and lecturer at Harvard, Karen Mapp, spends much of her time speaking to teachers about the small changes they can make that improve connections and relationships with famiilies. Yet, most colleges that provide teacher training still do not include the basics of working with families in the curriculum. There is still much to be accomplished in the area of teacher training. Helpful insights can be found in a series of excellent articles "Building Bridges to Families" published by the Milwaukee, WI Journal Sentinel.

On the Same Page: Families and Schools as Partners -- New Documentary

On the Same Page is a summit to support systemic change in the New York State Educational System through strategic dialogue and action on family engagement as a catalyst for closing the achievement gap. Please see their excellent website On the Same Page and watch their 20-minute documentary "Every Person Influences Children"

Parental Influences Differ in Determining Child's Later Academic Success

A recent journal article by Brent McBride and colleagues in human development at the University of Illinois suggests that mothers and fathers play different roles in their child's academic success. The research particular points to the role of fathers and the relationship between what fathers do early in a child's life that influences success later on. Read a summary of the research through Science Daily, or follow their links to the full article published in the Journal of Educational Psychology.




The Parent Connection: An Educator's Guide to Family Engagement by Dr. Joni Samples..

This newly published book is designed to help educators understand how to engage families in their children's learning. If offers practical advice and relevant stories from Dr. Samples' many years of experience as an educator and now as Chief Academic Officer of Family Friendly Schools.. You can order the book directly from their website or from your favorite bookstore.


The author of SOAR Study Skills, Susan Kruger, M.Ed. contributed an excellent article "Homework: What To Do When Students Don't Do it." Also check out Kruger's Homework Rx Toolkit, a publication to help parents get their child on the path to homework success. Links to other resources are found in this featured article.


Engaging Parents In School Blog is a follow-up and continuing dialog to Larry Ferlazzo's book, "Building Parent Engagement in Schools," featured in our Nov. 2009 eNews. The blog features examples of engagement and keeps a good eye on current news in the family engagement field.




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