November 2009

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Boundary Dynamics: Implications for Building Parent-School Partnerships

The Fall/Winter 2009 issue of The School Community Journal features an article by ParentNet founder, Marilyn Price-Mitchell. The article examines the history of parental involvement and parent education, pointing out how current parent-school relationships have evolved from mechanistic thinking about schools. Marilyn's review and interpretation of multidisciplinary research suggests reframing parent-school partnerships. The article explores the limitations of existing theoretical models, including the Epstein model, and seeks to expand that understanding through the introduction of boundary dynamics and systems thinking. The School Community Journal is published twice annually and is a leading scholarly peer-reviewed publication in the field. To read other issues of the journal or subscribe to issue notification, visit the journal's website.

Family Engagement: A Shared Responsibility

The Harvard Family Resarch Project recently published an article that highlights a shared model of family engagement. The model is 3-dimensional, including 1) creating opportunities for engagement, 2) building co-constructed roles for families and schools, and 3) learning.about effective ways to engage families in children's learning. Written by Heidi Rosenberg, M. Elena Lopez, and Helen Westmoreland, Family Engagement: A Shared Responsibility, highlights the importance of learning, not just at school, but from all areas of a student's life.

Community-School Partnerships

Children living in poverty have many needs and challenges beyond the classroom, challenges that hinder their success in all aspects of life and learning. These needs include health care,adequate and safe housing, affordable child care, and much more. A growing number of schools are helping families meet these needs, bridging gaps that exist in the poorest of families. Read the latest information on community-school partnerships published by the Center for American Progress. A Look at Community Schools is an insightful guide to how community-school partnerships can lessen the detrimental effect of poverty on student learning.

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Building Parent Engagement in Schools by Larry Ferlazzo & Lorie Hammond

This newly published book is for educators, particularly those in lower-income urban schools, who want to promote parent engagement in the classroom and at home. Read an excerpt at www.ParentInvolvementMatters.Org, then order from your favorite bookstore.


Learning to Roar, featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Teaching Tolerance, demonstrates how grassroots leadership and organizing efforts of low-income parents and guardians helped close the "opportunity gap" in a large diverse elementary school in Northampton, MA. Read and be inspired.


TeachMoore is a blog written by Renee Moore, a 20-year veteran of teaching high school English in one of the poorest areas of the country. We find her blog insightful and were particularly intrigued with Reaping What We've Sown: Poor Parents and Schools.




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