October 2010

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Research Study Links Parents, Schools, and Communities to the Development of Initiative During Adolescence

A recently-completed research study conducted by ParentNet's co-founder Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D., found that highly engaged young people credit adults, educators, and community leaders for the motivation and means to tackle challenging goals. Participants came from 22 states and represented diverse ethnic and income groups. Yet, many common threads were found in their stories: 1) Facing challenges and obstacles in the world outside the classroom developed inner purpose and the skills to think strategically. 2) Non-parent adult mentors during high school helped adolescents develop a belief in themselves. 3) Families facilitated moral development by modeling positive moral values. 4) Civic and service-learning experiences were catalysts for critical reflection and transformative to the active young adults these students became. Read a Summary of Findings or contact Marilyn for a copy of her dissertation study.

Equal Opportunity in Public Education

Our featured book by Victoria M. Young (right column) speaks frankly about how ALL American youth are not receiving the kind of education they need to compete in today's global economy. This is a serious issue facing families and the future of the United States educational system. The Center for American Progress provides an excellent introduction and a series of four reports on this issue that are essential reading for anyone wanting to understand equal opportunity in education in greater depth.

Waiting for "Superman" - A New Documentary

From the Academy Award-winning director of "An Inconvenient Truth," comes the new documentary "Waiting for 'Superman,' an exploration of the current state of public education in the U.S. Sharing the touching stories of five unforgettable school children, the documentary is designed to spark a national conversation on education reform. Time Magazine called it powerful, compelling, and revolutionary. It is now playing in select theaters nationwide. View the Waiting for Superman website to see a listing for your community.

Technology and Parent Engagement

In today's technological environment, new research is emerging that suggests student data can be used to engage families for student success. In its October newsletter, The Harvard Family Research Project provides compelling examples of how student data is being used in the field to engage families in various aspects of student learning. Well worth the read, check out the FINE Newsletter.

Challenging Gifted Children

We often think gifted children have an easier road than children with other challenges. But gifted students need strong parent advocates too. What does becoming a good parent advocate mean? In her recent article published by SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted), Joanne Foster, Ed.D. discusses how parents can become involved in their gifted child's education by modeling advocacy skills to their children. Among other qualities, good advocates prioritize, stay calm, communicate effectively, encourage, gather information, and remain proactive. Read Article




Education's Missing Ingredient
by Victoria M. Young

Writer, mother of two, and doctor of veterinary medicine, Young provides parents with new insights and tools to improve education in their communities. She believes all children need parent advocates who support their learning and makes a strong argument for equal educational opportunity that includes all voices. Purchasing this book from our online bookstore helps support our website. Thanks!


ParentNet as a
Community of Practice

by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D.

This article by ParentNet co-founder, Marilyn Price-Mitchell, discusses Etienne Wenger's social learning theory in relationship to parent engagement, and particularly to ParentNet, a program used by schools to cultivate parent learning. A good introduction on how communities of practice can exist in schools. Read Article


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