October 2008

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National Standards for Family-School Partnerships
Updated last year, the National PTA National Standards for Family School Partnerships, provides a framework for how families, schools, and communities work collaboratively to support youth development and academic success. To help you develop and implement programs, practices, and policies that are guided by the Standards, the PTA developed a helpful guide with specific goals for each Standard and indicators for measuring if goals are being met. The guide also gives examples, showing what good practices may look like. Click for a copy of the National Standards and Assessement Guide

From the Desk of Ann Henderson
Ann Henderson, Advisory Board Member of the National ParentNet Association, announces new resources that can be used with her recent book, "Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family-School Partnerships." Are you interested in stimulating creative discussiions among teachers about how to work more effectively with families to improve student achievement? Does your parent organization want to develop more exciting plans to engage families of all backgrounds? Would your book group like to go more deeply into an important issue in education? If these questions resonate with you, there are now "Book Study Activities" posted for free download online. While you are there, check out the other free material, including a "Family Friendly School Checklist" and "School Climate Survey." Learn More

The Community Agenda for America's Public Schools
Last month, the Coalition for Community Schools launched an action plan with specific strategies to underscore the need for community-school partnerships in ensuring that all children are ready to learn and succeed. The plan is endorsed by numerous national and local education, youth development, community engagement, health and social services organizations.

Visit the Community Agenda website

Thinking of starting ParentNet At Your School?
If you would like to learn about ParentNet for your school, you will find a great supply of resources on our website. Check out ParentNet Central to download free materials that can be used or adapted for your school. If your school is considering ParentNet, we recommend you purchase the ParentNet Starter Kit through our store to share with your parent leaders, administrators, and potential faculty liaisons. This kit includes resources to guide the entire program.

Check out the growing number of RESOURCES to help build successful parent-school communities on our website!

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Engage Every Parent: Encouraging Families to Sign On, Show Up, and Make a Difference
by Nancy Tellett-Royce & Susan Wootten

New from Search Institute Press, this book guides you from your initial contact with parents to a full and rewarding working relationship with them -- and answers all your questions about the steps in between. Whether you need strategies or advice, this book is full of helpful information and also contains a CD-Rom with more than 40 handouts to use with parents. Learn More

Identifying Your Goals for Parent Engagement
by Nancy Tellett-Royce & Susan Wootten

In a special arrangement with the Search Institute, we are delighted to provide Chapter I of the above featured book, "Engage Every Parent." This article discusses setting goals, developing two-way communication, finding volunteers, and reaching every parent. This is an excellent introduction to engaging parents to obtain positive outcomes for young people. Read Article

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