May 2011

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Co-Founder Launches Positive Youth Development Blog

Beyond academic achievement, how do children and adolescents develop the internal strengths and abilities to succeed in life? Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D., Co-Founder of ParentNet and www.ParentInvolvementMatters.Org, recently launched Roots of Action: How Families, Schools, and Communities Help Kids Thrive.

Sharing stories, research, and insights, the new blog examines the underlying foundations of growth -- the experiences and relationships that help young people discover purpose, meaning, initiative, creativity, resilience, love of learning, empathy, and other internal strengths that foster a life of well-being. It pays attention to how young people become valuable members of families and communities -- and how parents, teachers, and civic leaders are integral to this process. Please spread the word and share with your friends and colleagues!

Family Engagement in Education Act of 2011

On April 14, the Family Engagement in Education Act of 2011 was introduced in the U.S. House by Representatives Platts and McCarthy and in the Senate by Senators Reed and Coons.

Basically, the bill provides guidance and gives incentives to schools on how to use research-based strategies to engage families. It also restructures Parental Information and Resource Centers (PIRC's) by increasing their ability to provide training and additional services to schools and parents. PIRC's currently serve over 16 million parents in 50 states. Supporting professional development of teachers, it authorizes states to use teacher and principal training funds toward development in the area of family engagement.

The Act is designed to align with the theorectical frameworks developed by the U.S. Department of Education, Harvard Family Research Project, and the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory. Read the Proposal Overview and write to your congress members and senators with your support.

Research Confirms Positive Outcomes for Youth are Linked to Quality of Parent Relationships

A recent study published by Child Trends, Parental Relationship Quality and Child Outcomes Across Subgroups, supports the finding that the quality of a parent's relationship can predict children's development. This finding holds true for economically or educationally privileged families and children as well as across varied economic, racial, ethnic, and family subgroups.

How does this impact practice? Programs that help parents increase their relationship quality will also benefit kids. In addition to providing seminars that improve parenting skills, hold workshops that help parents improve their communication skills with one another.



Everyday Engagement: Making Students and Parents Your Partners in Learning, by Katy Ridnouer

This newly published book by educator Katy Ridnouer challenges teachers to set parent engagement goals and offers specific classroom strategies to engage both students and their families. A valuable set of resources, Ridnouer believes every teacher can impact parent engagement in meaningful and productive ways. Support our nonprofit mission by purchasing through our online bookstore.


Trend Lines, a blog sponsored by Child Trends, keeps you updated on research that improves outcomes for children, youth and families. You can sign up to be notified of new articles or subscribe by RSS to your favorite news feeder.


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