Get Involved!

 We urge you to become an advocate for family engagement and for building collaborative family-school-community partnerships that help kids thrive. 

Get involved in the effort to take parent involvement to new heights -- to stretch our thinking about what involvement means, explore new ideas, collaborate, and share successes.

Call to Action

Whether you are a parent, PTA leader, educator, trainer, consultant, or other advocate for parent involvement, you are part of helping children achieve their dreams. These are some of the ways you can become involved today.


  • Join the conversation! Help us make family engagement a key to education reform! Share your comments in our new blog, ParentNet® Unplugged.

  • Become engaged at your child's school! Learn how to provide a home environment that facilitates your child's social, emotional, and intellectual learning. Browse our Resources!

  • Learn about ParentNet, a parent-led program for parents of children in grades Pre-K through 12 that was collaboratively developed by more than forty schools nationwide. There is no fee to use this program and it can be revised to work in your school.  Many free resources are online; others can be purchased in the Online Store.

Starter Kit


Consider ParentNet for your School Community!  Purchase a  Starter Kit that contains the complete program including introductory and planning materials, ParentNet Handbook, and Training Manual, as well as the ParentNet DVD used in training and education. Visit our Online Store today to learn about the Starter Kit and other materials that will support your program for many years to come.

"In our world today, where families live apart from one another and parenting is more complicated than ever, a parenting support network is both desired and needed."

Joyce Teshima, Principal
Rose Hill Elementary School
Kirkland, WA





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