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Although ParentNet® is our "success story," we know there are others -- large and small, in many local school communities throughout the country! Please get involved in this important work by sharing your stories with others!


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We are looking for successful efforts that show how parents and schools collaborate, learn from one another, or develop skills that support children's success in school and life. Although we recognize that volunteering at school, attending social events, and fundraising are valuable to school communities, we do not accept submissions in these categories because ideas for this type of "traditional parent involvement" can be found in numerous other places on the Internet. Our goal is to push beyond traditional boundaries -- sharing stories that improve communication, advance knowledge and skills, and facilitate collaboration between parents and between
parents and schools.

The categories under which stories might fall include:

  • Parent Networking & Community Building - stories that describe activities that bring parents together to network with one another, exchange ideas and information about parenting, learn from one another and build a feeling of community within a school.

  • Parenting Education - stories about programs or events that give parents valuable knowledge or skills about parenting today's children as well as opportunities to discuss how to apply those learnings in the child's home.

  • Culturally or Economically Diverse Families - stories that show how culturally diverse or economically disadvantaged families come together to learn from one another, the school, or professionals about how to support their children's social, emotional, physical and academic development.

  • School to Parent Communication - stories that demonstrate how schools communicate, reach out, and connect with parents in ways that help them understand the school culture, solve problems, learn to advocate effectively for their children, and/or comprehend what teachers expect of them as their children transition from grade to grade.

  • Parent to School Communication - stories that demonstrate how parents effectively communicate important issues, relevant concerns, and information to schools that creates better understanding between parents, schools, and/or students.

  • Parent Groups with Special Needs - stories that show ways parents with special interests and needs get support from each other and/or the school. Interest groups might include parents who home school their children, belong to particular faiths, are single/divorced or gay/lesbian. It might also include parents who have children with disabilities, gifted children, or children with other special needs.

  • Teacher Education -- stories that tell about an event, workshop, or experience that gave teachers and/or school administrators valuable insights into working with parents.

  • Other -- any other stories that you believe help families and schools develop collaborative partnerships that benefit kids.

Submit Your Success

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