A Wild Ride: The Power of Story, Support, and Strategies While Raising Challenging Children

Frustrated, ashamed, and overwhelmed, each mother in the group knew she needed more than books by parenting experts or a diagnosis from a professional. Our hearts felt battered by critical relatives, frowning strangers, and our own misgivings. We longed to talk with people who could identify with the shame and loss we felt and understand our exhaustion and desperation to improve our children’s lives.

While our family situations and children’s issues were different, we each brought to the group our relentless, troubling questions: “What am I doing WRONG?” “Why are all my friends’ children NORMAL?” Having internalized society’s notion that mothers should be the prime caretakers of their families, we were plagued with self-doubt. We all embraced the job of raising children who feel loved and supported, able to face their futures with optimism. But encouraging these assets in our sons and daughters required on-the-spot, ingenious parenting skills – every day – no matter how crazy the ride.

Beginning with the first meeting, we have evolved into a committed circle of friends who encourage the best in one another, and as a result, our parenting lives have greatly improved. These changes inspired us to help other parents feel supported and successful by telling our stories and demonstrating the value of a support group.

To accomplish this, we developed the web site A Wild Ride: The Power of Story, Support, and Strategy While Raising Challenging Children. On our site, you will find ideas, stories, resources, news and FAQs as well as details for forming a similar support group in your own location.

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