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Welcome to the ParentNet Store. Whether your school is currently using ParentNet or would like to consider our materials for use or adaptation, we highly recommend you purchase the ParentNet Starter Kit, the complete resource for parents, educators, and trainers. Materials may be ordered online with your credit card or PayPal account. You may also order using a Purchase Order from your school or organization. See bottom of page for additional information on shipping, taxes, delivery time, and international orders.


ParentNet Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is the essential reference tool for schools and trainers using ParentNet or for those considering its use or adaptation.

Includes step-by-step resources, ParentNet Volunteer Handbook, Training Manual, ParentNet DVD, brochure, and sample ParentNet stickers. View complete description.

Please Note: The ParentNet Training Manual is not sold separately. All trainers must purchase the Starter Kit.

PN-100 ParentNet Starter Kit - $149  

ParentNet DVD

Contains three video productions that can be used in many ways. 1) Use it initially to learn more about ParentNet and to educate parent leaders, 2) Use it for marketing when you start ParentNet, 3) Use it for training volunteers. View complete description

PN-120: ParentNet Videos (DVD format) - $20  

PN-121: ParentNet Videos (VHS format) - $22 

ParentNet Volunteer Handbooks

Used by parent volunteer leaders and small-group facilitators, the Handbook contains information and resources for leading successful ParentNet Meetings.

PN-182: Volunteer Handbooks (Package of 10) - $79  

ParentNet Brochures

Describes ParentNet to parents at your school. Usually mailed annually with a schedule of meetings for each grade. View Sample Brochure

PN-150: ParentNet Brochure (Package of 100) - $35  


ParentNet Stickers

Used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, attaching to volunteer thank-you notes, etc., stickers can be ordered in two styles. View Stickers

PN-170: "Ask Me About ParentNet" (60 stickers) -$29  

PN-171: "Together We Make a Difference" (60 stickers) - $29  


ParentNet Meeting Flipcharts

Set of 6 reusable flipcharts for leading ParentNet Meetings. Available in several styles to meet your needs. View Description

PN-210: Non-Laminated w/ flexible backing - $229  

PN-211: Laminated w/ flexible backing - $329  

PN-212: Non-Laminated w/ rigid backing - $229  

PN-213: Laminated w/ rigid backing- $329  


ParentNet Training Flipcharts

Set of 19 reusable flipcharts used in ParentNet Facilitator Training. (Each order will be shipped with a free disk containing ParentNet Training PowerPoint Presentation slides, also sold separately below.) View Description

PN-200: Non-Laminated w/ flexible backing - $499  

PN-201: Non-Laminated w/ rigid backing - $499  

ParentNet Training PowerPoint Presentation

Set of 19 PowerPoint Slides, containing same information as Training Flipcharts. These can be edited and customized for your school in PowerPoint; however you do not need PowerPoint to use them. Mailed to you on disk.

PN-130: PowerPoint Presentation - $39  

Orders are accepted from the U.S. and Canada only. Shipping is added at the end of your order and sales tax is charged to orders originating in Washington state. All orders are shipped Standard UPS (2-6 day delivery within the U.S.; 1-3 week delivery to Canada). Canadian orders are responsible for additional customs if required, at time of delivery.

For questions about an order, please email or phone toll-free 866-770-4750.  If you are an International School using ParentNet, please email us for help with ordering materials.  Thank you!

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