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SchholMatWelcome to ParentNet(R) Central, where you can access materials to support ParentNet at your school. These materials have been developed with the help of more than thirty schools, from Pre-Kindergarten through High School over a period of ten years. You may use them as they are written or adapt them to the needs of your school as indicated in our Terms of Use.

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To gain a good understanding of ParentNet and the resources available to support your efforts, it is helpful to view our materials in the following sequence:

Step 1

Read Our Introductory Publication: If you have not yet downloaded the 15-page preview of our introductory publication, "ParentNet At Your School: A Guide for Parent Leaders, Educators and Trainers," we recommend you do so now. The introduction to this publication provides a foundation for understanding ParentNet and using all of the materials in this section. This publication is part of the Starter Kit, available in the ParentNet Store.

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Step 2

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Step 3

Order Supplemental Materials through our Online Store: Whether you are in the process of evaluating ParentNet or have decided to launch or adapt it at your school, you will find professional resources to support your program, including a Starter Kit with Training Manual, flip charts, DVD for marketing and training, ParentNet Volunteer Handbooks, and more -- available for purchase from our Online Store.

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