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We published the following newsletters since 2007 to keep our readers abreast of the latest developments in the field of family engagement. With the launch of our new blog ParentNet® Unplugged in 2012, we no longer publish the eNews. Feel free to browse our past issues. Check out our blog for current conversations on building family, school, and community partnerships.

Back-to-School Issue: September 2011
Highlights of the Sept. 2011 eNews include: !)Featured book, "Cord of Three Strands: A New Approach to Parent Engagement in Schools by Soo Hong, 2) Featured Blog, The Whole Child, 3) Family-School Partnerships for the 21st Century, 4) School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Preparing Educators and Improving Schools by Joyce Epstein, 5) Education and Family Involvement in the News, 6) Tweeters to follow.

May 2011
Highlights of the May 2011 eNews include: 1) Featured book, "Everyday Engagement: Making Students and Parents Your Partners in Education by Katy Ridnouer, 2)Co-founder Launches Positive Youth Development Blog, 3) Family Engagement in Education Act of 2011, 4)Research Confirms Positive Outcomes for Youth are Linked to Quality of Parent Relationships, 5) Featured Blog: Trend Lines, 6) Featured Tweeters

January 2011
Highlights of the January 2011 eNews include: 1) Featured book, "Bedtime Stories and Book Reports: Connecting Parent Involvement and Parent Literacy," by Catherine Compton-Lilly and Stuart Greene; 2) New brief from the Harvard Family Research Project, 3) A Conversation with Karen Mapp, 4) Anne Henderson's report on Parent Leadership Training Programs, 5) Featured Article by ParentNet Co-founders, Marilyn Price-Mitchell & Susan Grijalva, and 6) Edspresso.com, a featured Blog.

October 2010
Highlights of the October 2010 eNews includes: 1) Featured book, "Education's Missing Ingredient," by Victoria M. Young; 2) Featured article, "ParentNet as a Community of Practice;" 3) Research Study Links Parents, Schools, and Communities to the Development of Initiative During Adolescence; 4) Equal Opportunity in Public Education; 5) Documentary: Waiting for Superman; 6) Technology and Parent Engagement; 7) Challenging Gifted Children

March 2010
Highlights of the March 2010 issue include: 1) 37th Annual Head Start Conference featured keynotes on parent engagement, 2) Featured book, "The Parent Connection: An Educator's Guide to Family Engagement" by Dr. Joni Samples, 3) Featured article by Susan Kruger, M.Ed., "Homework: What To Do When Student's Don't Do It," 4) Featured blog by Larry Ferlazzo, author of "Building Parent Engagement in Schools," 5) New documentary "Every Person Influences Children" created for the New York State Educational system, and 6) several articles of interest on engaging families.

November 2009
Highlights of the November 2009 issue include: 1) Journal article, "Boundary Dynamics: Implications for Building Parent-School Partnerships," by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, ParentNet founder; 2) Featured book, Building Parent Engagement in Schools, by Larry Ferlazzo & Lorie Hammond; 3) Featured Article, "Learning to Roar," 4) Featured Blog, TeachMoore by Renee Moore; 5) A 3-dimensional model of family engagement by the Harvard Family Research Project, and 6) A report on community-school partnerships from the Center for American Progress.

August 2009 - Back-to-School Issue
Highlights of the 2009 Back-to-School issue include: 1) The Economy's Impact on Parent Involvement; 2) Out-of-School Learning; 3) Study of Civically-Engaged Youth; 4) Community Organizing and Educational Outcomes; 5) Featured book, "Turning Parents Into Volunteers" by Rhonda Jones; 6) TV Program, "The Principal Story;" 7) ParentNet Planning; 8) Epstein's 3rd Edition of "School, Family, and Community Partnerships.

May 2009
Highlights of the May 2009 issue include: 1) Involving Latino Families in Education; 2) Featured book and Chapter Excerpt: Help Your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College; 3) Latino ParentNet; 4) New Documentary: Race to Nowhere; 4) Featured Website: Solid Foundation

February 2009
Highlights of the February 2009 issue include: 1) Developing Communities of Practice with Parents, 2) Study Circles, Montgomery County Schools, Maryland, 3) The Obama Presidency and Educational Research, 4) Featured Book: 101 Ways to Create Real Family Engagement, 5) Featured Website: Complementary Learning.

October 2008
Highlights of the October 2008 issue include: 1) New information on the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, 2) Book study activities for "Beyond the Bake Sale," 3) Link to new action plan from the Community Agenda for America's Public-Schools, 4) Featured book and Chapter I excerpt from "Engage Every Parent: Encouraging Families to Sign On, Show Up, and Make a Difference."

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